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What they say about Angel

Invigorating… Gil-Ordóñez led a vital rendition

Alex RossThe New Yorker (April 2017)

(…) one of the country’s most innovative music groups – the Post-Classical Ensemble (…)

Philip KennicottThe Washington Post (February 2015)

Charismatic PCE Music Director Angel Gil-Ordóñez led a taut, unforgettable reading.

Brett CampbellMusical America (March 2011)

Articles 8

Doppelgängers What does Schubert sound like on a jazzy bass trombone?

Article published on February 01, 2018 in The American Scholar

Even when I do find time to listen to the radio these days, I rarely encounter a program that gives me the same sense of excitement and discovery that I felt as a child. But a few weeks ago I did, while listening to an Internet show called PostClassical, which features concert performances by the Post-Classical Ensemble, an innovative group of musicians now in residence at Washington’s National Cathedral. Led by the historian and writer Joseph Horowitz and the conductor Angel Gil-Ordoñez, the ensemble puts on concerts that are far from typical and often experimental, with the aim of contextualizing a composer or a piece of music with verse, theater, film, or dance. Every two months, Horowitz and Gil-Ordoñez join radio host Bill McGlaughlin (the former host of the aforementioned Saint Paul Sunday Morning) in the studio, to discuss their concerts in depth.

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At the altar of change. PostClassical Becomes Ensemble-in-Residence at Washington National Cathedral

Article published on December 21, 2017 in The Washington Diplomat

One of D.C.’s most unconventional and adventurous musical ensembles is set to transform the iconic Washington National Cathedral into a cutting-edge venue for the city’s vibrant music scene. PostClassical Ensemble, named the new ensemble-in-residence at the cathedral, is bringing an exciting, innovative inaugural season of music to Washingtonians. Expect unusual, utterly surprising performances from this self-described “experimental orchestral laboratory” that will shake up your view of both classical music and the cathedral itself.

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Ángel Gil-Ordóñez y su público norteamericano

Article published on December 07, 2017 in Beckmsser in Spanish

A partir de este otoño, el PostClassical Ensemble se ha convertido en Ensemble-Residence en la Catedral Nacional de Washington y será allí donde, el día 7 de diciembre, el día que los norteamericanos recuerdan el bombardeo de Pearl Harbor, se lleve a cabo un nuevo concierto que yuxtapone las ideas que, sobre la Segunda Guerra Mundial, expusieron en sus obras Dmitri Shostakovich, Arnold Schoenberg y Hanns Eisler.

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An ‘experimental’ orchestra finds a home at the National Cathedral

Article published on July 07, 2017 in The Washington Post

The PostClassical Ensemble announced Friday that after 14 itinerant seasons, it has found a stable home — at Washington National Cathedral. Starting next season, it will become the cathedral’s newest ensemble-in-residence. This means that the ensemble, which calls itself “an experimental orchestral laboratory” and has performed in venues from the Indonesian Embassy to the Library of Congress, will present three of next season’s concerts at the cathedral, two of them in collaboration with the cathedral’s chorus. It will continue to perform in other locations around Washington as well.

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Concert reviews 12


Concert review published on August 27, 2018 in The New Yorker

In reference to Falla!

The Perspectives Ensemble, established in 1993 by the flutist Sato Moughalian, lives up to its name by emphasizing the historical and cultural contexts of the works it performs. This program focusses on the distinguished Spanish composer Manuel de Falla, whose deft balance of folkloric, antiquarian, and modernist elements is illuminated by two well-loved pieces.

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PostClassical Ensemble takes up new Cathedral residence with music of protest

Concert review published on December 11, 2017 in The Washington Post

In reference to Music in Wartime: A Pearl Harbor Day Commemoration

A cathedral is a house of worship, but it’s also traditionally a place of community. That’s a message Washington National Cathedral has been emphasizing, and it’s a message that was underlined on Thursday night when the PostClassical Ensemble gave its first concert as an official resident group of the cathedral, and the cathedral’s choir, dressed in street clothes and marching up the aisle carrying their own chairs, sent not hymns but songs of proletariat revolution into the echoing spaces of the nave.

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PostClassical Ensemble Rescores the Symphony

Concert review published on December 05, 2017 in On Tap Magazine

In reference to Music in Wartime: A Pearl Harbor Day Commemoration

PostClassical Ensemble (PCE), an experimental music laboratory led by conductor Angel Gil-Ordoñez, is partnering with Washington National Cathedral. And together, the two are reconceiving the classical experience.

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Bowdoin Festival Friday Concert Enthralls a Sold-Out Audience

Concert review published on July 15, 2017 in Maine Classical Beat

In reference to Anne Akiko Meyers plays Mendelssohn

The piece de resistance, of course, was the Mendelssohn Violin Concerto in E Minor, Op. 64, with Meyers and the Festival Orchestra, conducted by Angel Gil-Ordóñez. The Festival Orchestra, of students and faculty, just continues to get better. In this performance it was indistinguishable from a professional ensemble that has played together for years. There was a reversal of the usual balance problems, with the conductor having to turn down the volume to avoid drowning out the soloist.

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Disc reviews 41

Los excepcionales del mes de octubre de 2017

Disc review published on October 04, 2017 in Sherzo in Spanish

In reference to Lou Harrison: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music

The result of this recording is simply magnificent. Tim Fain and Michael Borinskin are soloists of great class, and Angel Gil-Ordóñez does an extraordinary job at the helm of his PostClassical Ensemble of Washington.

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Harrison: Concierto para violín / Grand Duo / Double Music

Disc review published on October 01, 2017 in in Spanish

In reference to Lou Harrison: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music

The performances are irreproachable, which make this recording the best introduction ever registered to the work of Harrison.

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Lou Harrison zum 100. Geburtstag

Disc review published on May 19, 2017 in Pizzicato in German

In reference to Lou Harrison: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music

Three intriguingly special works, extremely well served by the performers. The recording is altogether first class and one superb homage to Lou Harrison for his 100th birthday.

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Lou Harrison: Violin Concerto review – brilliant, utterly contemporary writing

Disc review published on May 04, 2017 in The Guardian

In reference to Lou Harrison: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music

Lou Harrison had a pioneer’s imagination, not least regarding what might be walloped in the name of music – his Violin Concerto calls for flowerpots, plumber’s pipes and clock coils in the percussion. What’s more striking in this performance by Tim Fain, the PostClassical Ensemble and conductor Angel Gil-Ordóñez is the brilliance of his writing for violin, a collision between itchy dance rhythms and soaring lyricism.

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Interviews 4

Ángel Gil-Ordóñez: Infravaloramos a nuestras audiencias y lo que hay que hacer es retarlas

Interview published on July 09, 2018 in Konpartitu Magazine in Spanish

El maestro madrileño cumple 25 años de carrera en Estados Unidos, donde trabaja como profesor en la Universidad de Georgetown y dirige desde 2003 el PostClassical Ensemble.

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What makes a good conductor? Harmony – and ‘authority through knowledge’

Interview published on May 25, 2017 in The Washington Post Magazine

People respect you if you know what you are asking them to do. Then you have to be able to convey what you want. All simply. Through gestures and communication that goes beyond language. I think the orchestra is the most extraordinary achievement of humanity. Can you imagine something more sophisticated than that? One hundred people without verbal communication playing together for one hour? That goes beyond everything. Beyond thinking. To me [it] is the most incredible achievement. People making music together. It’s a miracle.

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Georgetown Students and Cuban Musicians Find Common Ground in Beethoven

Interview published on April 21, 2017 in Washingtonian Magazine

In reference to Music for Cuba Exchange

In March, 12 Georgetown University music students went to Cuba to work with musicians at Lyceum Mozartiano de La Habana. This Saturday, the Cuban musicians will return the favor, performing a free concert at Gaston Hall with their DC counterparts. Washingtonian spoke with Georgetown music director and professor Angel Gil-Ordóñez about the program.

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The Naxos Interview: Angel Gil-Ordóñez talks with Laurence Vittes

Interview published on March 23, 2017 in Naxos News

In reference to Lou Harrison: Violin Concerto / Grand Duo / Double Music

One of Naxos’ April highlights is an all-Lou Harrison CD from the Washington, D.C.-based PostClassical Ensemble; the highlight of the CD is a recording of Harrison’s Concerto for Violin and 5 Percussionists.

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Podcasts 11

PostClassical Revels in Music of Revueltas

Podcast published on April 20, 2018 in WWFM Classical

In reference to Silvestre Revueltas: Redes (DVD)

This two-part podcast presents the music of “The Great Composer You’ve Never Heard Of” as author and music historian Joseph Horowitz, Maestro Angel Gil-Ordonez and Exploring Music’s Bill McGlaughlin host this program devoted to the life and music of the 20th-century composer Silvestre Revueltas. This broadcast includes PostClassical Ensemble’s recording that reconstructs the soundtrack Revueltas composed for the 1936 film Redes.

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Schubert 'Uncorked'

Podcast published on December 15, 2017 in WWFM Classical

This two-part podcast entitled Schubert ‘Uncorked’ — a subversive reconsideration of a famous composer includes two broadcast premieres: Schubert’s Arpeggione Concerto and Schubert songs with bass trombone, along with the slow movement from Bruckner’s String Quintet and two movements from Daniel Schnyder’s Bass Trombone Concerto. With David Taylor (bass trombone), William Sharp (baritone) and PCE conducted by Angel Gil-Ordóñez.

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Angel Gil-Ordóñez – Music Director of Post Classical Ensemble, Lila Downs, Sultans of String

Podcast published on November 16, 2017 in Antidote

Hear music by the PostClassical Ensemble and Angel Gil-Ordóñez’s remarkable story on this week’s episode, along with opening tracks by the Sultans of String and the wonderful Lila Downs, a prior musical collaborator with the Ensemble. Antidote is broadcast live every Tuesday at 9 am on WERA 96.7FM, and streams live on, Sundays at 4 pm.

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PostClassical – The Most Under-Rated 20th Century American Composer: Celebrating Bernard Herrmann

Podcast published on October 20, 2017 in WWFM Classical

In reference to Psycho: A Narrative For String Orchestra

PostClassical Ensemble (PCE) celebrates the music of the “most under-rated 20th-Century American composer,” Bernard Herrmann. Author, music historian and co-founder of PCE Joseph Horowitz co-hosts this bi-monthly program with PCE Director Angel Gil-Ordóñez and Exploring Music Host Bill McGlaughlin. This week’s broadcast includes performances by PostClassical Ensemble of Herrmann’s Clarinet Quintet, Sinfonietta, and Psycho Narrative, as well as music from his radio play Whitman and his Cantata Moby Dick.

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Videos 2

The Importance Of Music Education For Youth. A Conversation With Maestro Angel Gil-Ordóñez.

Video published on September 21, 2017

My professional work as a conductor has been always accompanied with a dedication to young musicians. In this video I present some thoughts about the importance of music education for the youngest, for the underprivileged, and for those whose future professional life won’t be related to artistic activities.

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Cuban Musicians to Play Alongside Georgetown University Students

Video published on April 20, 2017 in NBC News (Channel 4 / Washington)

In reference to Music for Cuba Exchange

A group of Cuban musicians is set to join students from Georgetown University for a first-of-its-kind orchestra performance. News4’s David Culver reports how the concert is meant to bridge the longheld divide between two nations. Music for US-Cuban Relations is an International Cultural Exchange Project created by Angel Gil-Ordóñez between the students and faculty of Georgetown University and members of Lyceum Mozartiano de La Habana, which consists of travel between the two countries and joint musical presentations in Havana, Cuba. The first edition of the program took place in March of 2017 and in Washington, D.C. in April of 2017.

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